How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Virtually If You Can’t See Your Mom IRL

While being away from your mom on Mother’s Day is never an ideal situation. These virtual Mother’s Day ideas below might even make you feel like you’re really there. So go ahead and get brainstorming. You might just have the most amazing Mother’s Day yet.

Send Her Flowers

Ava’s Flowers

This might seem like the most obvious no-contact way you can show your mom you care, but fresh flowers really do make a wonderful gift. Plus, if your mom is stuck inside, having something cheery and bright in the house will instantly brighten her day!

Send A Family Video Message

Andrik Langfield/Unsplash

If you have siblings who also aren’t with your mom to celebrate, have everyone send you a video message wishing her the best day, and compile them all into one huge video you can send her on Mother’s Day morning! Feel free to include messages from her friends, other family members and whoever else is game to make sure Mom feels special. The best part? She can watch it over and over, as many times as she likes.

Have a Virtual Wine Tasting


Set up your video chat and have a little DIY wine tasting with your mom. You can either send her bottles of wine, or just use whatever you both have at home. This is a chance to relax and have some fun with your mom—even when you can’t be there. Plus, a little booze will put you both in the party spirit. (Psst, maybe you can even include a wine subscription box membership as part of your big gift!)

Try an Airbnb Online Experience

Since most people can’t travel right now, Airbnb is offering one-of-a-kind virtual experiences, and they practically scream “Mother’s Day Activities.” From cocktail-making classes to cooking with a Moroccan family, you can gift your mom a unique experience she can enjoy while sitting on the couch—and then call you immediately after to tell you all about it.

Send Her a Spa Day

If you can’t send your mom to an actual spa, gift her all the items she needs for a spa day at home. She can spend Mother’s Day pampering herself and relaxing, and TBH, she might like that better than the busy day you would’ve planned if you could’ve seen her IRL. This adorable spa gift basket comes with eight different products, all in a soothing lavender scent.

Order Her Favorite Meal

If you can’t be there to take your mom out to lunch or dinner, have it sent to her! Order delivery from your mom’s favorite restaurant and surprise her with the meal you wish you could give her in person. Make a promise to take her to that restaurant when they open back up!

Article courtesy of Maggie Griswold/Style Caster