Whether it’s your first or fifth home, we want you to enjoy the experience

We work with buyers in a variety of situations, from excited first-time homebuyers, to seasoned buyers and savvy investors. Our first step with a new client is to discuss your needs and explain to you the various ways we can help you succeed with your home goals.

Here’s what to expect in the process:

Let’s meet

  • Let’s meet and get to know each other! We believe building a strong foundation is essential in helping you find your Haven.
  • Together we will decide on the specifics of the house or property you are looking for and agree on a search criteria.
  • Discuss and arrange your pre-approval and financing through a chosen local lender.
  • Develop a customized strategy together to help you achieve your home dreams.

Let’s Find Your Home

  • You will receive daily personalized emails of listings that meet your criteria as soon as they hit the market.
  • We will scour online inventory with your interests in mind.
  • Pick your favorites and we’ll schedule a time to walk through them that’s convenient for you.
  • This part of the process can be exciting, knowing that each door you walk through might reveal the home you love!

Found it!

  • Love the space? Do the numbers work too? Time to write an offer!
  • You and your agent will discuss the offer and terms that best fit your needs.
  • You will also, go over any disclosure provided by the seller. These can include a Residential Property Disclosure and a Lead Based Paint Disclosure (if the home was built prior to 1978).  The intention of this information is to inform the buyer of any deficiencies that the seller knows about. These can be helpful to understand the history of the home, but in no circumstance should this replace home inspections.
  • Your agent will handle the details of submitting the offer and manage the negotiation process while keeping you updated every step of the way.

Working with a Title Company

  • Escrow is opened at a local title company with help from your agent.
  • The title company (“Escrow”) is a neutral third party in your transaction and will only take mutually agreed upon written instructions.
  • The title company will research the title of the home you are buying and make sure there are no liens or judgments against the home or seller.
  • Once the property’s title is cleared, the title company will issue a title insurance policy, insuring the discovery. The seller buys this policy for you and you in turn buy one for your mortgage lender (this is a part of your closing cost). The fee of the policy varies depending on the purchase price.

Home Inspection, Repairs and Appraisal

  • It is strongly encouraged that all buyers have a home inspection performed by a professional.  With the help of your agent you will find and hire a licensed home inspector.  As the home buyer you are responsible for this fee and it is typically non-refundable.
  • A professional inspector conducts a thorough home inspection and will send a detailed report to you and your agent. It is highly recommended for you to be present for the inspection of your new home. This is an excellent way to get to know the house, what has been done properly, and what will need future maintenance.
  • Repairs are identified and negotiated with helpful recommendations from your agent.
  • Once repairs have been agreed upon your agent will notify your lender so the appraisal can be ordered.
  • An appraisal is like a mini inspection on the lender’s behalf.  The lender wants to make sure the home is in its represented condition and in-line with comparable home sales in order to reduce their risk to lend you the money to buy the property. You will receive a copy of the final report before or at closing.


  • With the deal agreed upon by both parties, here comes the hard part. Waiting to close.
  • We will schedule all necessary signings.
  • Escrow will be closed and the deed will be recorded.
  • Funds will be disbursed and you get the keys!
  • Get packed, its moving day!

Stay in Touch

  • Just because you closed on your new home doesn’t mean we won’t still be there for you.
  • Your Haven agent will be your go to resource for any questions you may have as a new homeowner.
  • We pride ourselves in having lasting relationships with our clients. Consider yourself part of the family!

Start your home search now.

Start your home search now.

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