Holiday Decor For Small Spaces

Create the Perfect Mini Tree

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Why is everything cuter when it’s mini?! Tiny trees for the win!

Utilize Tabletops and Window Space

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Do some small space decorating by utilizing the empty spaces already available to you

Hang Cute Stuff From Coat Hooks + Book Shelves

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This is another way to add cute little elements to spaces that are already available to you. Hang a tiny wreath or sleigh bells (or even a stocking!) from an empty coat hook, hang ornaments on ribbons from bookshelves, etc!

Deck Out Your Doorways

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Drape some artificial (or real!) garland around any doorways for a super out-of-the-way decoration for a small space. You can even add embellishments like ornaments, holiday cards, etc. to spruce it up if you want.

Add a Throw Pillow

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The easiest way to add holiday flair to a small space? Add a holiday-esque pillow or two to your couch or chairs.

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