Leigh-Ann Houchin


Local or not?
I am originally from South Point, Ohio (the most southern point of Ohio). I have lived in Columbus for 24 years. I came here for OSU and loved the city so much that I never left. I currently live in North Linden but….I have lived on campus, in Grandview, in Hilliard, in the Grove City area, in Dublin and in Clintonville.

Who’s in your tribe?
My tribe is me and husband Mike. We also have three adorable animals. 2 dogs and a cat. The dogs are Frank and Beans and the cat is Lulu

In my free time…

I love to research vegetable related recipes and recreate them with my own spin. I love experiencing food so much and I can be known to be the first one to try a new restaurant in Columbus. I will also plan trips around food.

I love to travel, a lot, both in the country and to other countries.

I have been downloading books on audible (or listening to podcasts).  I am learning to embrace all temperatures and I love taking long walks.

My favorite hangouts…
Florin Coffee, Yellow Springs Tap room Columbus, Adelaide’s Gin Joint, Wine on High, Martha’s Fusion Kitchen (when they open up from renovations), Fox In The Snow, Pelino’s Pasta, Studio 35 in Clintonville, and my backyard while using the solo stove pizza oven.

My perfect Saturday…
Sleeping in, long walk, Florin coffee, morning rituals, big brunch, afternoon cocktail, meeting up with friends and having a deliciously slow dinner.

The best part about my job…
The people for sure! I love connecting with people and I love helping people buy homes. It could be their 1st home or their 35th home. There is a certain joy I get from helping. I also enjoy learning and looking at houses.